• AIMGA Past Continuing Medical Education(CME)

  • Topic “Managing Chronic Pain: an interventional approach”

    Speakers- Dr Raj Anand,Dr Nikunj

    Topic “Optimise COPD Management”

    Speaker- Dr Anthony Frankel

    Topic “Updates on back pain and sciatica management”

    Speaker- Dr Prashanth J Rao

    Topic “Toxic waist: practical strategies for fat loss in midlife chubbiness and diabetes”

    Speaker-Dr Soji Swaraj

    Topic “The role of Cannabinoid Medicine in Chronic Pain”

    Speaker-Dr Rajib Dutta

    Topic “Tissue remodeling of the upper airway: crusting, perforation and polyps”

    Speaker-Prof Richard Harvey

    Topic “Entresto and the role of the GP in initiating the drug”

    Speaker- Dr Athula Gunasekara

    Topic “The role of Saxenda in Weight Management”

    Speaker-Dr Ramy Bishay

    Topic “Advances in Breast Management”

    Speaker- A/Prof Sanjay Warrier