AIMGA time line since 1982

Many doctors, who have qualified overseas, have migrated to Australia especially since 1970. A big proportion of these doctors hail from Indian subcontinent, Middle East, South East Asia and East- European countries. Many of the migrant doctors have faced the obstacles in getting a fair recognition of their qualifications, leading to a denial of registration to practice. This also affected overseas trained specialist doctors with substantial training in developed world. The specialist qualifications were often not recognized which led to denials in getting appointments in the public hospitals. Up to early 1970s, there was no formal process of assessment for Registration by examination. Subsequently, Australian Medical council was established which started not only conducting examinations for overseas doctors but was also given a role in assessing the Australian Medical Schools.

Around this time, overseas trained doctors were feeling a sense of being treated unfairly. It was felt that they needed an organization, which could assist and represent them with the concerned governmental authorities. After considerable discussions, way back in 1984, “Overseas Medical Graduate Association” [OMGA] came into existence, with membership from various countries. At that time, OMGA membership not only included medical practitioners of various countries, it also included Doctors from all over Australia. At its inception, the OMGA was a truly national body. As time went by, the problems of overseas trained doctors have been addressed largely. This has some effects on the numerical strength of OMGA membership. Currently, the association has members mostly from Indian sub-continent.

OMGA was incorporated in 1992. As the Incorporation process was underway, the Victorian members felt to have a separate entity and incorporated an OMGA in Victoria. No other state has followed this step.

In 2008, AIMGA had changed its name to “ Australian Indian Medical graduates association” [AIMGA], to broaden the scope of its membership. This was done to help cater to the interests of doctors who have qualified from the Australian Medical schools and have wanted to become member of The AIMGA.

In 1996, OMGA had changed its name to “Overseas And Australian Medical graduates association” [OAMGA], to broaden the scope of its membership. This was done to help cater to the interests of doctors who have qualified from the Australian Medical schools and have wanted to become member of The OAMGA.

OMGA worked very hard to have a fair process for the registration of overseas trained doctors. It had numerous consultations with the Australian Medical Council [AMC] to formulate a fair pattern of the AMC examinations. Recognizing the contributions from OMGA, AMC appointed one of our members [Dr Hemchander Rao] to its appeals committee. Unfortunately, as the number of unregistered doctors increased and their problems multiplied, some of these doctors have now formed another association called ADTO to address their specific issues. The ADTO has been our affiliate body, on and off.

OMGA has always liased with Ethnic Affairs Council [now called Community Relations Council] and NOOSR, to facilitate the fair recognition of overseas qualifications.

OMGA, in collaboration with others, had worked hard in achieving portability of the registration in all states and territories in Australia for the overseas-qualified doctors who are registered in any state/territory.

Australian Medical Association has recognized the significance of OAMGA and a nominee of OAMGA is co-opted as a member to the AMA NSW council.

Past Executive Teams

Dr. Gregory Marcar 1982 Jan-1982 June Dr D Malhotra
Dr. Gregory Marcar 1982-83 Dr SP Bhatia
Dr D Malhotra 1983-84 Dr J.Parikh
Dr J.Parikh (acting President) 1984-85 Dr D Malhotra
Dr M Azmi [deceased] 1985-86 Dr Adisheshan [deceased]
Dr N Ahmad 1986-87 Dr Hemchander Rao
Dr Hemchander Rao 1987-88 Dr Deepak Malhotra
Dr Hemchander Rao 1988-89 Dr Ravi Sahasrabuddhe
Dr Hemchander Rao 1989-90 Dr G Harinath
Dr Hemchander Rao 1990-91 Dr W Gayed
Dr Hemchander Rao 1991-92 Dr N.C Patel
Dr SP Bhatia [deceased] 1993-94 Dr NC Patel
Dr Hemchander RAO 1995-96 Dr NC Patel
Dr S Borkar 1997-99 Dr K K Amin
Dr K Wu 2000-01 Dr KM Malia
Dr M Srinivasa [deceased] 2001-03 Dr P Sawarikar
Dr S Orekondy 2003-05 Dr V Nagamma
Dr V Nagamma 2005-06 Dr Y Singh
Dr V Nagamma 2006-07 Dr S Borkar
Dr K Wu 2007-08 Dr Malia
Dr N.C Patel 2008-09 Dr S Sundar
Dr N.C Patel 2009-10 Dr S Sundar
Dr Shailja Chaturvedi 2010-11 Dr S Sundar
Dr Shailja Chaturvedi 2011-12 Dr P.Chandra
Dr.Purushottam Sawrikar 2012-13 Dr P.Chandra
Dr Prabha Chandra 2013-14 Dr Anju Aggarwal
Dr Prabha Chandra 2014-15 Dr Sunil Vyas
Dr Sunil Vyas 2015-16 Dr. Rashi Minocha
Dr Sunil Vyas 2016-17 Dr. Anantha Prakash
Dr Sunil Vyas 2017-18 Dr Palu Malaowalla
Dr Palu Malaowalla 2018-21 Dr Sandra Morell
Dr Amrit Hingorani 2021-22 Dr Rekha Rao
Dr Amrit Hingorani 2022-23 Dr Rekha Rao
Dr Darshan Sachdev OAM 2023-24 Dr Jayker Dave